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Adoption is the creation of a legal relationship of parent and child between two individuals. North Carolina recognizes the adoption of both minors and adults, however spouses cannot adopt one another. Adoption creates a special relationship that should be entered into with great care. If you are considering adoption, let Rutherford Robertson, P.A. assist you in this exciting new chapter. To learn more, please contact Rutherford Robertson, P.A. and schedule your confidential consultation today.

Grandparent Adoptions
Grandparents can be awarded custody when custody and the child's best interest and welfare are at issue. For instance, if the biological parents are deceased, have abandoned the child, or are found to be unfit as parents, it is typically in the child's best interest to have another family member, such as grandparents, to step in and adopt the child in an effort to avoid placement outside of the family.

Stepparent Adoptions
If you are considering adopting a stepson or stepdaughter, congratulations! Before we can embark on this new chapter, there are a few things that must happen first.

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