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estate planning attorney in Concord, NC

Sit down with an estate planning attorney in Concord, NC

You know you ought to write a will. But where do you start? Your first step is to call Rutherford Robertson, P.A. in Concord, North Carolina. An estate attorney can help you turn your wishes into a set of instructions in your will. Our estate planning services also include creating trusts, drafting living wills and designating powers of attorney for medical and financial situations.

Don't burden your loved ones with trying to figure out what your final wishes were, your family depends on you to do that. Look out for their best interests by calling an estate planning attorney at 704-792-1011 now. You can also learn more about wills by visiting our Wills & Trusts page.

Explore the benefits of creating a trust

One of the ways your estate attorney can help you distribute your assets is through trusts. You can use trusts to...

Provide for minor children. Guardianship is only the first part of protecting your minor or disabled child. Set up a trust fund to make sure your child has access to long-term financial support.
Move property safely and efficiently. By placing property in a trust, you can deliver it to your heirs without the complications of probate. It may also lower estate taxes.
Control how your money is used. Establishing a trust lets you name a trustee. The trustee will oversee how and when the money is spent, so you can feel confident your final wishes will be honored.

Start the estate planning process by calling our Concord, NC office today.

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