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To obtain a divorce, you must be separated from your spouse for one year. It is not necessary to have documents drafted indicating your date of separation. If you have made the decision to end your marriage or you have been confronted by your spouse with his/her intentions of seeking a divorce, please contact Rutherford Robertson, P.A. to schedule your confidential consultation in an effort to make informed decisions as you close one chapter of your life and enter into the next.

Divorce among older people is on the rise.

"Gray Divorce" has been coined to represent the couples that have been married for 50 years or more that are now going through the divorce process. In gray divorces, couples may have realized later in their lives that they lost the spark they had when they first married; couples may have postponed divorce until the children were older; some couples may be empty nesters who simply cannot get their marriage back on track; retirement and or general dissatisfaction are other common reasons. A gray divorcee should be aware that divorce can have an effect on their retirement benefits, social security benefits, insurance benefits, long term care, etc. It is important to direct your questions about divorce and retirement benefits to someone knowledgeable in the subject area. Contact Rutherford Robertson, P.A. to schedule your confidential consultation today.

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Rutherford Robertson represents family law clients throughout Concord, North Carolina, including the cities and areas of Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Salisbury, Midland, Albemarle., and throughout Cabarrus County, NC, Rowan County, NC, & Stanly County, NC.

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